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Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Academy


Centro di Studi Bancari and Swiss Finance Institute created the Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Academy with the aim of responding to the needs of different professional profiles. Currently, the following certifications are offered:

Additionally, we offer Spotlight Courses related to Taxation, Inheritance and Financial Planning for various markets.


With the 2010 FINMA position on legal risks, which called for compliance with foreign supervisory legislation, and the historic 2014 statement of the Swiss Federal Council in favor of an automatic exchange of banking information for tax purposes, a new financial space - the cross-border space - was born. A space in which:
In this new space, mere financial skills are no longer sufficient. In order to work correctly, it is - even though operating within Swiss borders - necessary to acquire knowledge of:
of the client’s country of residence, in the logic of 360-degree advice.

Why a Cross-Border Academy

The aforementioned transformation involves the Swiss financial center as a whole: all of its foreign markets, all players, and all professional profiles. The fundamental issue is a common one, but is shaped according to the country of reference, the characteristics of service providers, and the specific activities concerned.

With this in mind, the Centro di Studi Bancari and Swiss Finance Institute, by establishing the Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Academy, have created a single framework able to respond to a complex of diverse requirements with one common denominator: the need to respond proficiently to a new space - the cross-border space.


Collaboration between Centro di Studi Bancari and Swiss Finance Institute in the field of cross-border training began in 2012. To date, a total of:
In the last three years,
have been awarded the Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Certification.

In-house Courses

In addition to its open-enrolment courses the Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Certification program is also offered in the form of company-specific in-house trainings. Based on the program structure, the purpose of such in-house training is to reach the overall certification level via tailor-made sessions. This company-specific training can be developed for any country, given an appropriate number of participants.

In order to address the aims of each company-specific training, detailed preparation takes place individually for each client institution:

In the initial conception phase, scientific coordinators from SFI and the CSB elaborate in collaboration with the client’s internal training representatives the client-specific training requirements. This step takes into account courses already conducted by the client and includes an evaluation of how such prior training can be incorporated into the current training program. Based on this status quo assessment, potential gaps in the training level targeted are identified. This results in the development of an individual, tailor-made training program that can comprise internal and product-, legal-, and company-specific training elements.

In the subsequent training conception phase the most appropriate trainers from both research and practice are selected from SFI and the CSB’s pool of first-class educators. In a close collaboration between the client and these trainers the ideal didactic setting is designed. This can be, for example, teacher-centred training, case-study based, or in a workshop setting. Further, tailor-made support documentation, based on the contents of the training course, is drawn up.

Based on the client’s requirements, the service also includes the organization of training locations and the preparation and management of examinations. Following successful completion of the program, each participant is awarded the official SFI / CSB Swiss Cross-Border Wealth Management Certification. Regular refresher sessions can also be organized to implement a continuous learning process.


For more detailed information concerning these company-specific training opportunities, please contact:

Swiss Finance Institute
Michael Hess
Director Education
T +41 41 254 30 89
Centro di Studi Bancari
Alberto Stival
Vice Director
T +41 91 961 65 23